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A little bit about us

As a privately held mortgage banker, we are dedicated to continue improving and growing our business together with our clients. We have the power of a large banker with the mindset of a local broker using any and all means to get the job done – swiftly and efficiently. When you decide to buy a home or refinance a mortgage, it’s a big step. You can trust us to find the loan program that’s best for you.

Our mortgage professionals give you the personal attention you deserve and treat you with the respect due a valued customer. We understand you’re making a commitment in buying a new home, refinancing a mortgage, or cashing out your home equity. So we make a commitment to you. We will help you qualify, apply and be approved for the right mortgage loan for you. Not anyone else!


Customer Service

Mortgage World Banker empowers borrowers and honest lenders and in the process makes bait & switch and predatory lending a thing of the past. We want to become a profitable organization by creating a community that offers a win win situation to both borrowers and honest lenders. We are dedicated to our customers and always want to focus on meeting their needs and place their priorities ahead of our own.


We follow the highest standards of corporate governance and are committed to earn our customers faith. We are dedicated to complying fully with the procedures and spirit of the Laws, Rules and Ethical principles that govern us.


We Recognize and appreciate the talent and dedication of our employees and understand that their contributions are an important part of our team success. We encourage a decision making process that allows for teamwork, yet places a clear responsibility and authority with the individual.


We plan to accomplish our mission through honesty and dedication, while utilizing the power of the internet and information technology. The financial success of our clients will define Mortgage World Bankers success as a company.

Commitment to Community

Building lifelong relationships with the communities we serve is our motto. We focus on the economic development of our communities by providing value added service and comprehensive financial solutions.

As a Mortgage World Banker client:

Our clients get the service they need and demand on each loan.
Our clients get the lowest rate on any program selected.
Our clients enjoy a streamlined approval process.
Our clients are our business.
Get the best mortgage loan for you!
Please navigate our website to learn more about us and learn how easy it is to get started.

Our License Registrations NMLS 7116


Licensed by the Connecticut Department of Banking – License #12674


Licensed by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation – License #MLD638

New Jersey

Licensed by the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance – License #9947218

New York

Licensed by the New York State Banking Department – License #B500764


Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking – License #29750

Mortgage World Bankers, Inc.
(NMLS Company ID# 7116, in New York holds a Mortgage Banker License (# B500764) and Mortgage Banker Branch Licenses for Astoria, NY (NMLS ID 558838), (NMLS ID 1081208) and for Flushing, NY (NMLS ID 64452) Branch Offices approved by the New York Department of Financial Services, Phone(212)709-3500; in New Jersey holds a Residential Mortgage Lender License (#9947218) and a Residential Mortgage Lender Branch License for Englewood Cliffs, NJ Branch Office (NMLS ID 336925) approved by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Phone: (609)292-7272; in Connecticut holds a Mortgage Lender License (# 12674) approved by the Connecticut Department of Banking, Phone: (860)240-8140; in Florida holds a Mortgage Lender License (# MLD638) approved by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, Phone: (850)410-9895; and in Pennsylvania holds a Mortgage Lender License (# 29750) approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, Phone: (717)787-2665.